Akira Anime Notebook

About Akira

The story of Akira is based in a dystopian Neo Tokyo in 2019, the Japanese government had dropped an atomic bomb on Tokyo after they failed some dangerous experiments being done on children. The real story starts in 2019 where Kaneda who is the coolest guy in Neo Tokyo with his badass Bike, tries to battle the government and save his friend Tetsuo. Tetsuo develops supernatural powers because of the experiments done on him, but Kaneda is keen on saving his friend and battle anyone who comes in his way. The Animation and colors of this Movie are so crisp and clear that you won’t believe that Akira wasn’t made in today’s time. The impact of Akira on the world was huge, the western countries started opening its doors for the Anime world. In short Akira was the movie that spread Anime like wildfire throughout the planet, this mystical story about friendship and Neo Tokyo is a must watch.

Why you should buy an Akira Anime Notebook

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