Akira Hoodies

About Akira

The story of Akira is based in a dystopian Neo Tokyo in 2019, the Japanese government had dropped an atomic bomb on Tokyo after they failed some dangerous experiments being done on children. The real story starts in 2019 where Kaneda who is the coolest guy in Neo Tokyo with his badass Bike, tries to battle the government and save his friend Tetsuo. Tetsuo develops supernatural powers because of the experiments done on him, but Kaneda is keen on saving his friend and battle anyone who comes in his way. The Animation and colors of this Movie are so crisp and clear that you won’t believe that Akira wasn’t made in today’s time. The impact of Akira on the world was huge, the western countries started opening its doors for the Anime world. In short Akira was the movie that spread Anime like wildfire throughout the planet, this mystical story about friendship and Neo Tokyo is a must watch.

What’s Trending?

Akira was released in 1988 and it’s still going on in everyone’s must watch list, this alone should let you know the power of this Movie. The story of Akira and the art style is something which we will never see again, let alone the power it holds on the anime world. It has been one of the most important pillars on which anime is supported today, without “akira” we wouldn’t be having anime series around the world. This gateway Movie, paved the way for other artists and their anime dreams. It made us believe it’s possible to create something and people will remember it for a long time, we think that Akira is an Anime Movie which will never go out of Trend.

Quick Description: Akira Hoodies

Most of the times Otakus like to display their favorite anime by wearing them as a merch, and akira happens to be one of those cults which never fails to impress people. Akira has a fanbase which has stayed loyal to this movie since it came out, pulling up somewhere with your cool Akira Hoodie would be a fashion statement. Now Akira is clearly one of the best Anime Movie of all time and we have the right thing for their fandom, which are these perfect warm designed hoodies by our craftsman at Merch Fuse. We have many other merch besides Hoodies, and don’t worry about the sizes and cloth quality we have got it covered! Just hop in our Akira Hoodies Section and we are sure you will find your favorite one on our Store. Wear it and feel like Kaneda riding through the streets of Neo Tokyo.

Why You Should Buy One?

Ohh, so you’re thinking whether you should buy this Akira Hoodie or not, right? Well, it’s simple if you love Akira which is the retro masterpiece and call yourself one of the biggest fans then having a piece of it in your wardrobe is a must. The Quality of our Akira Hoodie is unmatched, it will keep you warm and also help you look cool as hell. We also have other Anime Hoodies available in different sizes, colors and the cloth quality are top, these designs our created carefully by our design experts in the Merch Fuse Lab. So don’t wait any longer and go on and get your Akira Hoodie now.