Akira Posters

About Akira

Akira is an anime film from 1988 which tells the adventures of a young photographer who finds himself in the middle of an organization that seeks to clone itself through human beings. The story is about a city that rejects science and technology for fear of causing another "Great Tokyo Earthquake". Popular filmmakers & anime lovers consider it to be one of the most influential animated films ever made.

Why Should You Buy Akira Poster?

Akira posters are one way people can show their fandom for this popular series. We have a wide range of designs from which you can choose, each showcasing different scenes from the original film. People who are fascinated by Akira will definitely love to have one of these posters hanging on the walls of their room. They make a great gift for anime lovers too. We have a huge collection of some really fascinating Akira Poster designs that you’d surely love to see regularly on your walls. It’d always keep reminding you how crazy this series is and how much you love it. You can explore more at our Akira Posters page for the designs and styles you’re looking for. Keep an eye out for our next Sale coming up soon so that you can purchase your favorite piece of art at a discount!