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About Tokyo Revengers

Since it came out Tokyo Revengers became one of the best selling Manga in the Japanese market, and it’s still selling copies now on a large number. That’s when the anime adaptation was made, and when it came out the first season rolled over all existing anime series. Tokyo Revengers is a story about Takemichi Hanagaki and the twist and turns in his life, from a normal high school student he goes on to join the Tokyo Manji Gang. The Story has a time travelling element into it, where the protagonist goes back and forth to save his girlfriend from dying a painful death. This is a Serie where the side characters are more famous than the protagonist, and there are fans who are crazy for them because of their cool attire, earrings, hairstyle and the attitude. Tokyo Revengers started a fashion revolution in the anime community, and the drip this anime portrays can not be seen in any other anime.

What’s Trending?

The story of Tokyo Revengers is something which kept the fandom hooked to it throughout the series, the anime world needed something different unlike just rebooted Naruto in different universes. An age where Shonen anime was looking very similar to each other, Tokyo Revenger came in and took the world by storm. The manga held itself in the Japanese market and people knew this story was something special. The characters designs ere just so amazing, that people started imitating the hairstyles, fashion and earrings. Unlike some other anime, the characters have their own motives and back stories which are as interesting as the protagonist.

Quick Description: Tokyo Revengers Hoodies

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