My Hero Academia Posters

About My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is a story about an Underdog named Deku living in a world full of powerful people, the MHA universe is filled with people with people who are born with super powers known as “Quirks”. But our protagonist Deku is the rare case where he wasn’t born with any quirk at all, this is a major hit to Deku’s confidence as he idolizes All Might. Deku wants to be like All Might and save the people, but he doesn’t have any quirks which makes him a normal kid and its all the reason for him being anxious all the time All Might meets Deku and tells him that he has chosen him as his successor for the power of “One For All”, which is the most powerful attack between the heroes. To receive this amazing power he has to eat All Might’s strand of hair and then he is trained vigorously by his idol. Deku goes on to join the Hero Academy where you see different type of interesting characters, like Todoroki, Bakugo, Mirio, Hawks etc.

Why you should buy a My Hero Academia Poster

My Hero Academia is one of the best Anime series right now, the concept of people with different powers “quirks” studying in a same high school is interesting. The Show has many powerful characters with different traits, where you see villains and heroes going against each other all the time in the city. The Art and character designs in this show are immaculate, so having a poster of My Hero Academia is a must. Imagine how good it would look when your otaku friends visit you and watch the pinned-up Poster with amazing characters, also we offer the best quality of posters which wont tear or smear off so easily. We also have different anime posters so please have a look at our anime collection, where you will find posters of other anime and other merch like T-shirts and Hoodies too!