Hunter X Hunter Posters

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About Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter is an adventure/shonen story of Gon Freecs who embarks on a journey to find his estranged father “Ging”. You come across characters powerful characters like Kurapika, Leorio and Killua during this journey, who later turn out to be good friends who are like family and play important parts in Gon’s journey. The Anime starts like a fairytale adventure but then later it starts getting darker, at some parts you will see gruesome scenes like the characters slicing off heads or pulling out whole hearts. Gon becomes best friends with Killua and they both start relying on each other, it’s one of those friendships that make you root for them to stay friends forever. The series is created by Togashi who hasn’t completed this story yet because of his bad health issues which is common in Mangakas, despite the long hiatus the HXH fans have stayed loyal to their favorite anime series. But recently there was good news for HXH fans that the creator of Hunter X Hunter, Togashi has started working on new chapters and might finish the series finally after a long hiatus. But that too is being said with uncertainty, as Togashi has done this before and returned back by putting the series on hold.

Why you should Buy a Hunter X Hunter Poster?

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