Fullmetal Alchemist Hoodies

About Full Metal Alchemist

When two little brothers perform human transmutation to bring back their dead mother, they give birth to some weird being that is already dead. But the scary part was that Edward and Alphonso both lost parts of their bodies, as for Alphonso Elric he loses his whole body! His soul is then put in armor which becomes his outer layer, they want to find out the reasons for their mother’s death and their estranged father. Both of them leave on a journey to figure out the missing details, mind you that the ‘Elric Brothers’ are very well known and the bad people are scared of this duo. Full Metal Alchemist is surely the top 10 anime of all time, watch the Elric Brothers battle strong characters as they keep proceeding with their journey and move closer to the truth!

What’s Trending?

Full Metal Alchemist isn’t your normal Shonen anime, if you are a Shonen lover then this story might bore you a bit. But that doesn’t stop others from enjoying it, as the anime has been hugely applauded by people from all over the world. The new version called Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood took the story even further, it reached out to more people with the new-gen animation style. It will always be on trend because of the love and fame it has received, so go on and enjoy this amazing anime series and shop some Full Metal Alchemist Merch from our store.

Quick Description: Full Metal Alchemist Hoodies

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