Fullmetal Alchemist T-Shirts

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About Full Metal Alchemist

When we talk about anime series, then Full Metal Alchemist will always be a part of the conversation. It has etched its place in the history of anime, as being the first anime to dethrone big kings like Game of Thrones & Breaking Bad. A story of two brothers who try to revive their dead mother by alchemy and then fail to do it. They lose parts of their bodies in the process, but later they embark on a journey to figure out the mystery and get back to their original forms. It has one of the best character designs, all of them have meaningful screen time and they won’t act just like another side character. Full Metal Alchemist will always be here, and the new version of Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood took it to another level.

What’s Trending?

Full Metal Alchemist is an anime that has always been on trend in the anime community since it came out, the unique story of the Elric brothers in a world full of alchemy is a special one. The Otakus who love normal Shonen anime won’t appreciate Full Metal Alchemist, as it is something that takes time to grow on you. It’s more of a normal tv series instead of just an anime, but the quality of the show is something only Attack on Titan was able to break. It was hard for any anime series to dethrone Full Metal Alchemist from the top anime on the IMDB List, but nevertheless, it’s still a win situation for otakus.

Quick Description: Full metal Alchemist T-shirt

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