Attack On Titan T-Shirt

About Attack On Titan

Attack On Titan has been topping the list since it came out, the beautifully tragic story of Eren Jaeger keeps you hooked in. Hajime Isayama, was inspired by retro video game and Jurrasic Park Movie before he created this masterpiece, would you believe when I say that his manga was rejected by top publishers? Yes, the only ones who gave him a chance was Kodansha. The story of Man eating Titans and people who lived inside walls not knowing what’s outside in the real world, managed to grab the attention of otakus all over the world. The best part is that Eren is the protagonist and the antagonist of his own story, he would go any lengths to protect his Eldian Friends. Watch this little green eyed boy turn into a Monster sweeping off acres of land is a treat to eyes. The show was leading on Funimation, Crunchyroll and Netflix, fans are now waiting for the new season which maybe the last.

What’s Trending?

If a show grows big then the audience following it has different opinions about it, they tend to create fan arts, make fan animations etc. But there is also a bunch who criticize the show, and they have their reasons for eg: The inconsistency of the animation quality or the storyline being stretched unlike the manga. The Fans were upset because the Original Animation studios known as the “Wit Studios” which animated the Attack on Titans were replaced by “Mappa Studio” who are certainly the best in business right now. In the last season AOT fans were upset by the animation on Mikasa’s new look and they didn’t appreciate the CGI 3d animation on titans and said it looked terrible. This kind of things are normal in anime industry, what thoughts do you have about this gigantic anime?

Quick Description: Attack on Titan T-shirts

If you love an anime a lot and keep binging on it, after a time you feel like buying some merch connected to it. Mostly Otaku’s like to display their favorite anime on their chest, and what’s better then wearing your favorite anime Tee and pulling up at a party. Now Attack on Titan is clearly one of the best Anime out there and we have the right thing for their fandom, which is perfectly designed and crafted AOT T-shirts. We have many different designs with various colors on our website, and don’t worry about the sizes and cloth quality we have got it covered! Just jump in our Aot section and we are damn sure you will find your favorite T-shirts on our Store.

Why You Should Buy One?

Umm, so why you should buy one? Well, its simple if you love Attack on Titan so much and call yourself one of the biggest fans then having a piece of it in your wardrobe is a must. We have a bunch of cool T-shirts on our shop which you will love to wear at a otaku gathering, or to binge on the final season with your fellow AOT fans. We have these Tees available in different sizes, colors and the cloth quality is top, these designs our created carefully by our design experts in the Merch Fuse Lab. So go on and grab your favorite Attack On Titan.